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4 Ways to Make Your Car Look Cool Without Turning It Tacky

Let’s admit it. The excitement of a new car doesn’t last forever. Some people take months before stumbling upon this realization, others take years, but at some point, everybody wishes their car had a bit more personality to it. 

Well, we’ve got some good news for you. You don’t need to splash a gazillion dollars to get that smoking hot sports car you saw on Instagram. All you need is to spruce up the one you’ve got parked in your garage, sprinkle a little bit of money and effort, and you’ll instantly fall back in love with your ride again. 

Since everyone has a different definition of what a cool car should look like, let’s go with some safe and easy ways to make your ride a more pleasant experience. 


1. Get Stylish Rims

When it comes to personalizing cars to make them look cooler, wheels are the first thing most people start with. The reason is simple. They’re easy to install and instantly uplift your car’s curb appeal. People don’t even need to hop in your car to appreciate the shine of your rims. 

Another reason why stylish rims are so popular is that not only do they let you personalize the exterior of your car, but they also increase the resale value. 


2. Use Vehicle Wraps

Do you want to change the entire look of your car? If you do, we’re guessing the first option that comes to your mind is repainting. But that’s not a good way to go. Here’s why. First off, it’s going to eat more digits out of your bank balance than anything else on this list. But even more importantly, if you're leasing your vehicle, repainting it can violate the terms of your contract. 

So instead of painting your car, consider installing a vehicle wrap. These vinyl coatings can cover your entire vehicle, giving you the custom look you've always wanted. Having a professional do this might be a good idea though, as you might end up with bubbles dotting the entire exterior of your car otherwise. 


3. Get Your Car Professionally Washed Both Inside and Out

Ask any car enthusiast and they will tell you the same: nothing’s more revolting than a vehicle that’s filthy on the inside or out. The gap of attractiveness between a clean car and a dirty one is so wide that even the ugliest cars can look great after a good wash, and the nicest ones can look terrible if they are covered under a layer of filth.

So rime, dirt, dust, crumbs, upholstery stains, and any other form of filth is your car’s worst enemy.

The way to get rid of that enemy is by making sure your car is impeccably clean — and the best way to ensure that is through a professional car wash. But not just any car wash. One that’s a full-scale detail from top to bottom.


4. Try a Vibrant and Dazzling Shift Boot!

When’s the last time you thought of the shift boot in your car? Let us guess. Probably never! 

There’s a good reason for that. Most stock shift boots are about as exciting as the boots of a British royal guard. They’re designed to blend in and hopefully disappear. And we’re being super generous by using the term “designed” here. 

So if you want a quick, easy, and affordable way to instantly splash some color and personality into the interior of your car—something that shares a piece of your personality with the lucky someone riding beside you—ditch the bland leather shift boot and put a custom shift boot in your car today!